Abstinence vs. Celibacy

“Abstinence-only is an effective way to prevent out-of-wedlock pregnancy and STDs but this is only the beginning.” 

Abstinence is defined as the absence of sexual intercourse in one’s life. Celibacy is the avoidance of all forms of sexual activity. According to statistics and facts many teenagers are engaging in sexual intercourse on a daily basis. Some have chosen the path of abstinence-only and haven chosen to abstain from sexual intercourse.

However, abstinence-only is not enough but if you choose celibacy which is the avoidance of all sexual activity it will  help keep you on the right course to pursue your dreams and goals and fulfill your destiny for greatness. The right decision is celibacy for this is the only 100% effective way to prevent out-of-wedlock pregnancy and STDs. What we have discovered is that abstinence-only is not the answer that will prevent teen pregnancy and STDs. Many teens according to our research may not be engaged in sexual intercourse but half of all teens have had oral sex. Even though you may practice abstinence-only and abstain from sexual intercourse but engage in oral sex you are simply setting yourself up for the opportunity to eventually engage in sexual intercourse. For you cannot hold fire to your chest and not be burned. 

Young girls don’t allow that young fellow to pressure you into oral sex to prove your love for him. Young fellows don’t allow that young girl to persuade you into having oral sex to prove your manhood. This act of oral sex is destined to lead eventually to sexual intercourse with consequences of pregnancy or a STD that you may not be ready for. If you say no to sexual intercourse you are not obligated to that person to say yes to oral sex instead as a way of showing you care for them. Oral sex is a very intimate form of sexual activity and will eventually lead on to sexual intercourse whether you believe it or not. Oral sex is not an innocent sexual activity; it can lead to several infections, including gonorrhea, syphilis, herpes, HIV the virus which causes AIDS and the human papillomavirus, which has been linked to cervical cancer. 

Many individuals may say that abstinence-only is not the answer and I agree with that but celibacy is the answer. We must also realize that telling our kids to use condoms and birth control is actually giving our children a license to have sex. I want my teenager daughter to be educated and informed about teen pregnancy, STDs, oral sex and all the consequences that come with engaging in sexual activity. However, I do not want to give her a license to have sex. Sex outside of marriage carries many consequences with it, not just the possibility of pregnancy and STDs, but also the fact that when you engage in sexual intercourse a part of that person becomes a part of you.